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Martin Kadansky

When I am working with a client I usually take on one or more of the following roles:

Driving instructor

You are in front of your computer and I’m at your elbow, explaining and directing you to accomplish a set of tasks, step-by-step. I encourage you to write down the steps in a procedure (or “recipe,”) and always give it a meaningful title, like “how to reply to an email message” or “how to create a folder.” Some clients call me their “Computer coach,” others call me their “Computer therapist.”


I’m in front of your computer showing you how to accomplish a goal, usually in preparation for you to “take the wheel” and try it yourself.

On-site assistant

I tackle a project for you if you are too busy or not yet ready to do it yourself, like creating a chart or handout for a seminar or clearing up a bookkeeping problem. In this role I may also perform one-time tasks that, while useful, aren’t on your list of things to learn, like installing software or making sure a program’s options are set correctly.

Working with Martin is a pleasure. When your computer growls, he becomes a lion tamer; when it shuts down, he becomes the spy who can steal inside the iron curtain; when you want it to do something and it doesn’t respond, he becomes a gifted child psychologist working with a uncooperative computer.

Annie G. Rogers, Ph.D.
Writer and Child Psychologist

Basic telephone helper

I help you over the phone. In a basic phone session, you’re in front of your computer describing to me what you’re seeing, and I work with you step-by-step, explaining what to do next.

More productive telephone helper

Depending on the circumstances, in just a few minutes we can set up your computer with special software so that while we’re working I will be able to not only see what’s on your screen remotely using my computer at my office, but also, with your permission, I can actively run your computer. This can make a phone session almost as productive as my being there in person!

Martin has been an excellent guide for helping me upgrade my PowerPoint skills. He has always been ready to deliver more than I ask for and promptly responds to phone and e-mail questions.

Debora Bloom
Organization Development and Diversity Consultant

Off-site assistant

You give me a project to complete for you. I bring the results to our next in-person session or email them to you. For example, you want to use the computer to print a form for your employees to fill out when they inventory the products in your store, or a flyer for your business, or a menu for your restaurant. You sketch out your idea on a blank piece of paper and from that I can create a first draft on the computer. You then review it, and with your feedback I make the final version.


I do the research to answer a question, like finding the right piece of software to solve a particular problem, or looking into the cost of hardware and software alternatives.

Martin is a natural teacher. His gentle, patient and thoughtful manner serves his extensive knowledge base about all things “computer.” Martin is the ultimate professional. He helped me in a crisis at a moment’s notice and did not stop until I was out of the woods. I would recommend Kadansky Consulting to any professional who needs computer problems resolved quickly and with a minimum of fuss. He is a pleasure to work with.

Gessner Geyer
Educational Consultant
Brainergy, Inc.

Policies Working Styles
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