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When I first talk to a prospective client, I want to learn about the problems you’re having with your computer as well as what you want to accomplish. If my skills match your needs and you are comfortable with my style (which is very patient, respectful, and inquisitive), then we will schedule an appointment, probably 1.5 to 2 hours, at your home or office.

In that first conversation, I listen for three types of issues:

  • things I’m sure I can help you with
  • things I think I can help you with, but will probably have to figure out as we work
  • things I’m not the right person for

If most of your needs fall into this third category, I will suggest a colleague whose skills are a better match. Like me, all of the consultants I recommend make house calls.

I can usually assess your needs in a 15 to 30 minute phone call, at no charge to you!

Martin Kadansky does a great job rescuing me from my computer problems. I am a Mac user and he efficiently diagnoses my difficulties and gets me up and running quickly.

Francine Achbar
Marketing Consultant

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