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I help small businesses and individuals get the most out of their computer systems. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced user, whether you use a Microsoft Windows system or a Macintosh computer, I can help you with:
Email - What is it? How does it work? How to set up a new email account, send and receive messages, manage your Address Book, and deal with those pesky attachments!
Martin Kadansky

Viruses - You want to protect your computer by getting the right software, keeping it up to date, and not living in fear.

Maintenance - Should you turn your computer off each evening or leave it running 24 hours a day? What can you do to protect your investment and keep your computer running well? Do you need the latest software, or is your current setup sufficient?

Junk email - Is your Inbox overflowing with junk? I can show you some techniques that can help!

Troubleshooting - Has your email stopped working? Is your printer acting strangely? Are you unable to find that document you were just working on? Either I can help, or I can recommend another consultant who can!

Shared Internet - You’ve got more than one computer you want them all to access the Internet through your cable or DSL service. The computers may be scattered about, and it might not be easy to run wires to each one. Is wireless always the best choice?

Phone help - I don't even have to be there to help. If time is tight or you're far from Boston, we can set up software that, with your permission, lets me see your screen while we talk on the phone. This can make phone sessions much more productive. Then we turn the software off so no one else can use it.

Backup - How can you protect your data from being lost? You don’t want to risk losing all of your work to date on the computer.

The Internet - You’re ready to explore the Internet, or take advantage of email, but where do you begin? I can help you find the best Internet service for your needs, open a new account, get it set up on your computer, and teach you how to “surf the web.”

Martin Kadansky is simply the best! Here’s why: He has the knowledge to solve your computer problems, whatever they may be, and the experience and patience to educate you about what he’s doing, Plus he comes to your home at a time convenient for you. We have both a PC and an iMac, and thanks to Martin, both are purring along happily sharing a router and working better than ever. We especially appreciate his clear, thorough explanations of how our computers work, which helps us troubleshoot more efficiently. Thanks, Martin!

Deb Allen, Middle School Science Teacher
Sandy Farrow, Child Services Coordinator

Two computers - How can you move files back and forth between two or more computers at different locations? Best use of your computer - You just know that your computer can do more for you, but you’re not sure exactly where to start.

Clutter - Is your desktop full of icons you don’t use or don’t understand? Does your “MyDocuments” folder have lots of files you’re not using anymore? Are there programs on your computer you’d like to get rid of? I can help!

Organize your files and folders - Once you have more than a few documents, it can be difficult to keep track of them all. I can teach you how to gather them all so that you can find what you need when you need it.

Basic computing - You’ve bought a new computer, but how should you get started? I can unpack and set it up for you, and teach you the basics. Do you find the terminology confusing? I can teach you about the desktop, icons, menus, windows and much more.

New programs - When you need to start doing things that your current software can’t do, I can help you find the right new program, install it, and get up and running on it.

Bookkeeping/Finances – Shouldn’t your computer make tax time easier? How can you organize your personal and business finances on your computer? If you’ve already computerized and the finances got a little messed up, can it be fixed? Do you have to start over?

Word Processing – Do you need to create letters, brochures, or forms? Do your contracts, order sheets or checklists need updating? Are you ready to create mailing labels or form letters? Do you need to start that book project? I can help!

Contact Management - Whether on your computer or your Palm Pilot, I can help you create a way to keep track of the people and appointments most important to you!

Scanner - How can you scan in your photos? Do you want to send them in an email, or use them in a document or a brochure?

Faxes - Would it be useful to send (or receive) faxes directly from (or to) your computer?

Purchase - What kind of computer should you buy? Should you replace your older computer? What kind of printer do you need?

Digital camera - How can you connect it to the computer and transfer pictures?

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