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Here are a number of web sites and articles I hope you find useful. Consider this a free sample of how I can help.

Tips & Articles:

Martin has been a lifesaver. He always gets back to me quickly and helps solve my problems. He’s precise and determined and seeks to educate as well as to find solutions. He’s extremely responsive and determined to help. At times he has led me to other experts who have helped me tackle technical problems.

Virginia O’Brien, MS
Executive Coach and Author

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Useful web sites:

Useful products:

  • Computer accessories
    • www.cyberguys.com - They offer useful stuff at great prices! Below are some of my favorites.
      • Power Strip Liberator: one of the simplest, most useful items I’ve ever seen. Have you ever noticed when you plug in the power cord for some devices that they have those medium-sized black boxes that take up so much room on your power strip that they prevent you from using some of the other outlets? Here’s the solution! Power Strip Liberators are inexpensive little extension cords for that enable you to move those transformers off your power strip, enabling you to use all the outlets on your power strip!
      • Power Strip Liberator II: Similar to the Liberator, but enables you to plug in 2 devices!
      • Inexpensive CAT5 cables & Couplers: materials that help you create a wired network
      • Inexpensive USB cables: for printers, scanners, keyboards, etc.
      • Inexpensive 6-outlet surge protector with computer modem protection
      • Paper CD sleeves with windows: replace those jewel cases, save room!
      • Inexpensive telephone cords, couplers, and splitters

Organizations I belong to:

http://www.spconsultants.org/ - Society of Professional Consultants

WBCC - Watertown-Belmont Chamber of Commerce

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